Exploration Lounge

The Exploration Lounge is located directly inside the main Monarch Clubhouse and is the only area of the Monarch Club that is truly exclusive to the membership. Located just next door to the Avila Room, this quiet little corner of the clubhouse contains a member-curated library maintained by a collection of volunteer librarians.

The library contains hundreds of novels available for members to check out on an honor system. All books are in excellent condition and the library contains only those published in the past 10 years - with the exception of American Classics. The library also showcases books written by some of our Trilogy® at Monarch Dunes residents! Who knows, you might find your new favorite novel and run into the author on your morning walk!

Popular among members for the morning newspaper or a quick board game with friends, this is the perfect place to relax and escape into a good book.

If you are a member of the Monarch Club and are interested in volunteering as a librarian, please see the Monarch Club Lifestyle team in Member Services.